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Cougars Athletics

Kettle Run High School


Cougars Athletics

Kettle Run High School

Cougars Athletics

Kettle Run High School

Team News.

Team News

2 months ago @ 4:59PM

Tennis Spiritwear Online Store

The online store for Kettle Run tennis spirit wear is now open in the link above. It will close on March 18. 

Some specifics: There is a long sleeve t-shirt with the girls player’s names on the back.

There is an option to get your name on the tennis jackets.

I hope you see something you like.

Team News

3 months ago @ 12:48PM

2018 Boys Tennis Team Tryout Info

The Boys Tennis Team Tryouts will begin on Tuesday February 20th. Meet at the tennis courts at 3:00pm. Each athlete must complete a new or updated VHSL Physical form and FCPS concussion form in advance or you cannot participate in tryouts. If inclement weather should occur on any given tryout days, players are to report to the Commons at 3:00 pm unless otherwise directed in the Announcements that day. Tryouts will initially last until 5:00pm or a little later so plan accordingly if you need a ride. Arrive promptly at 3:00 pm or a little earlier.  Eventually practice time will migrate to a 430pm to 630pm time slot as the season progresses and daylight savings time kicks in. And plan on some practices occurring on Saturdays throughout the season. 

The first 30 minutes of the first tryout session will consist of ball feed drills and serving practice for hitting skill competency observation by the coach(es) and as warm-up for the singles challenge match play that will follow. However, we will be limited to 3 courts for the challenge matches since the Girls Team practices concurrently on the other 3 courts.  Match play will consist of “first to 8-Games No Ad” matches (win by 2 but tiebreaker at 8-all). This a Varsity Tennis team so you are expected to know the point scoring and movement protocol between points and games.  If the extent of tryout interest dictates otherwise, a round robin format may be implemented.  For each challenge match, won the winner will receive 3 points plus 1 point for every game won. And the “not so lucky” player will receive just 1 point for each game won. Thus, if player A wins the 8-game match vs. player B by a score of 8-3, player A earns 11 points and player B earns 3 points. If need be, the Coach may optionally utilize a composite score computation based on total points divided by matches played. Players are to report their scores to the coach or assistant jointly immediately following completion of each match. The primary intent of this match play format is to determine the roster player cut-off selections for the team and initially set the ladder ranking positions. Observation of skill competency may also be used in determining the roster player cut-off point.

There will be an interest Spring Sports meeting on Wednesday, February 14th at 5:00pm with a break-out session for players who are trying out for the team initially and have not had any past on-court contact with Coach Ryon.  

Head Coach: Mike Ryon


Phone: 703-209-6257

Assistant Coaches: Nick Meding and Zachary Jones

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