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Cougars Athletics

Kettle Run High School

Cougars Athletics

Kettle Run High School

Team News.

Team News

11 months ago @ 1:29PM

FH practice cancelled 8-11-17

There is an all county event happening inside the gymnasium today limiting indoor space and we are looking at a strong chance of storms.  Unfortunately because of these two things, we will have to cancel practice today. I would like everyone to take some time today or this weekend to do some pulls, air dribbling, and wall ball if you can manage that.  We will practice on Monday as scheduled.
Tuesday's scrimmage vs. Battlefield will be JV at 4pm and V at 5:30.  Be ready! 


Team News

1 year ago @ 4:33PM

FH practice cancelled - 7-13-17

We will have to cancel practice again tonight.  The severity of the heat index is just too high.  Keep practicing on your own, but stay safe!

See you Next Tuesday!

Team News

1 year ago @ 6:00PM

FH practice cancelled - 7-11-17

Sorry for the myriad of updates, but right now it looks like storms are right on track for our field. With my notoriously poor meteorological skills, and in the interest of safety, tonight's practice will be canceled.  🙁

See you all on THURSDAY!!

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:13PM

Field Hockey Try-Outs

Try outs for the field hockey team will be July 31st to August 4th from 7:00 to 10:30am at the field hockey field (drive past the school all the way to the end of the road). The Fall Sport informational meeting is July 26th at 7 pm in the Auditorium.  A few things are changing this season so all parents are encouraged to attend!

 For Tryouts you will need to have completed:

  • PHYSICAL (you cannot participate in try-outs without this!)
    • The physical must have been completed after May 31st 2017.  If you are not eligible for your annual check-up then there are some Minute clinics in the area that can do it.
    • The physical form can be printed from the KR athletics page.
  • Concussion history form
  • Impact testing if you are a 9th grader or 11th grader or new student/athlete
    • All new students to Kettle Run and ALL Juniors who plan to try-out for a sport need to have an impact test on file with the Training Staff. 
    • Information on dates and times as well as all forms can all be found at the Kettle Run athletics main page.

Athletic equipment:

  • Mouth guard – Molded! May NOT be white or clear; must fully cover upper teeth; no protruding tabs for field players; (it is worth buying a few extra cheap mouthguards,  molding them, and having them available in case the main one is lost or left behind)
  • Running shoes
  • Cleats (invest in a good pair, your feet will spend a lot of time in these)
  • Stick – I have a few sticks to loan, or you can borrow one from a friend/teammate until you are ready to make a purchase.  If you’re overwhelmed, I’ve posted stick recommendations here:
  •  Protective eyewear- If you purchase they must be FH approved,  we also have plenty to borrow for tryouts.
  • Shin guards- ones with ankle protection are the best.
  • Kettle Run has Goalkeeping equipment for keepers.
  • Weather appropriate clothing and sun block is recommended. 

Try outs will go through the first week.  The week of August 7th we will have practice daily from 3 - 5:30, in the afternoon and it will stay that way through the season. 

We will finalize the teams by the end of the first week.

If you have any additional questions please email Coach Todd at

Team News

1 year ago @ 2:13PM

2017 Stick Recommendations

Coach Todd's 2017 Stick Recommendations!

Grays GX1000 Composite Field Hockey Stick is my top recommendation for a beginner stick. It will take a player through a good amount of development before skills start to outgrow the stick.  It has 20% carbon and decent weight to give the user some good power, but also plenty of flexibility for skill development. More advanced players will want more carbon as their skills will have advanced to absorb the ball’s momentum and maintain possession.

Beginner Sticks: For a first time player

Grays GX750


TK Trilium 5


STX Stallion 200

STX Stallion 400 (Beginner through Intermediate)



Intermediate: Recommended for a young player that is still working to develop skills, but has outgrown their current stick.  These are not recommended for beginners.


TK Trillium 2 Plus

Gryphon Blade Pro

Ritual Velocity 55

Grays GX5000

STX Stallion 400

STX Surgeon RX401


Advanced Players:  Recommended for a player that is through the intermediate stage and is ready for a stick that will enhance their play.  Most players know what they’re looking for at this level, but here are some choices for guidance.

TK Synergy 1 Deluxe

Gryphon Taboo Striker DII

Ritual Finesse 75 (regular bow)

Ritual Specialist 75 (this one has a late bow to aid in 3-d skills)

Nedstar Groove G2

Dita Compotec C60

Grays GX7000 Micro

Things to look at when considering a stick:

Carbon content: Great for power, but hard on the hands and high rebound.  Skills need to be developed in order to fully appreciate a high carbon content.

Weight:  Since we’re on grass I generally want around 550g for beginner to intermediate sticks.  This is a way to get more power, without getting the high rebound of carbon. 

Bow:  A late bow is good for aerial work, but difficult to learn on.  A large bow (25mm) will put more curve in the stick, which is great for control for an experienced player, but can add a lot of hard to predict rebounds for a beginning player.  A new player should start with a regular bow, an experienced player will have their own preferences.

For length it really comes down to user preference.  Many high school players will start with a shorter stick, and then grow in height so it's likely they will need a longer length as the seasons pass.  If you’re in decisive, I usually encourage the longer stick so long as it does not inhibit play.  A longer stick will increase reach and distance from feet that the ball can be played. If a player really is hitting the dirt or turf frequently, the stick may just be too long.

To request a longstreth catalog go to this site:

or call 800-545-1329 and ask for one. 



Team News

1 year ago @ 6:00PM

Hockey Practice Cancelled

Sorry to cancel, but I've hurt my back and was not cleared by the doc to drive or much else for that matter.  Fingers crossed for next Tuesday!!

Feel free to go for a run 😉

Team News

1 year ago @ 6:12PM

FH practice cancelled!

Due to the weather we are cancelling practice tonight.  See you Thursday!

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:48PM

Longwood Playday sign up

Longwood Playday is day of hockey games.  We will take a Kettle Run team to help build our skills in the offseason with some 7v7 play.  This is really a must for all players looking to make the jump to Varsity play and players who will be taking on new leadership roles on the field this fall.  If you are interested and have not played before, please let me know and I will work to get something arranged. We will have a chance to see other skilled teams and play in a college venue.  Total cost is $300/team, so if we have 10, it will be $30/player.  Please email Coach Todd at to join.

The roster is filling up, but I need a few more players for a full U19 team!


Date: April 30th, 2017

Time frame: Roughly 10 AM - 5 PM

Game format: Either 5 games (20 minutes) or 4 games (25 minutes) for each team.

Location: Elizabeth Burger Jackson Field, Johnston Drive, Farmville, VA
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