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Cougars Athletics

Kettle Run High School


Cougars Athletics

Kettle Run High School

Cougars Athletics

Kettle Run High School

Team News.

Team News

4 months ago @ 9:55AM

Sprint Into Spring Invitational

Our first meet of the season is on Friday March 16th at Eastern View HS.  Field events being at 4pm, followed by  running events beginning at 4:30pm.  You will be dismissed from class at 2:30pm for a leave time at 2:45. If you are not on the bus by 2:45, we will leave without you

Parents- If you are going to be taking your child home after the meet, you must sign your child out. The clipboard will be located where our team is seated. Please find your child's name and then sign your name.

If you chose to leave with someone other than you parents you MUST have a signed note from your parent and approved by a coach. These notes MUST be turned in prior to the meet.

Running Events Order: 4:30 PM (Rolling Schedule)

Girls 100m Hurdles Final
Boys 110m Hurdles Final

Girls 4x800m Relay
Boys 4x800m Relay

Girls 100m Dash Final 
Boys 100m Dash Final

Girls 1600m Run
Boys 1600m Run 

Girls 4x100m Relay
Boys 4x100m Relay 

Girls 400m Dash
Boys 400m Dash

Girls 300m Hurdles
Boys 300m Hurdles

Girls 800m Run
Boys 800m Run

Girls 200m Dash
Boys 200m Dash

Girls 3200m Run
Boys 3200m Run

Girls 4x400m Relay
Boys 4x400m Relay

Team News

1 year ago @ 11:04AM


There are 2 choices- use the google forms below to record your name, option and size.
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